Our dorm is located on Pfleghofstraße in old Tübingen. The building used to be the trading house (“Pfleghof”) of Bebenhausen monastery.

It partly consists of stone (ground floor and the side facing the street), partly of framework (inner courtyard), but we’re not going to bother you with all those facts. However, we’re sharing the building with the Musicological Institute of Tübingen University, a day-care facility for children, a centre for probation assistance, and a police station. (Anyways, it’s safe to say we’re prepared for all incidences.)

The building was constructed between 1398 and 1492 (the coat of arms of Bebenhausen monastery with the inscription “Soli Deo 1492” can be seen outside on the façade). Pfleghof has been used by the university since 1881, students have been living here since around 1949.