What does that mean, being self-organised

Self-organised means that we are officially part of the Studierendenwerk, but can basically sort out everything on our own. On the one hand that includes some duties like organising, cleaning, repairs, finding roommates and more. On the other hand, it gives us the chance to shape our community and be creative. Parties, exhibitions, vacations, cooking, arranging our living space exactly the way we want.

Apart from Pfleghof, there are other self-organised dorms and housing projects in Tübingen that officially belong to the Studierendenwerk (Münze 7, Schimpf, Geissweg or Leibnizhäuser). We usually stay in touch and organise events together quite regularly. We are not anonymous dorms, but like to consider ourselves as a housing project where you live together as a community.

Since the rooms are rented to us by the Studierendenwerk, unfortunately only students enrolled at Tübingen University can live with us. The period of residence is currently limited to 6 semesters, but it is possible to apply for an extension by doing jobs for the community.

What does that mean for us?
We are looking for people who are interested in living together with others in a friendly relationship and who are willing to actively engage in self-administration. Everyone has a small job which contributes to the functioning of our community such as organising cleaning plans or managing the allocation of rooms. The general assembly, which takes place at least once every semester, is an obligatory event for everyone. We also need everyone’s help at the Pfleghof party, which takes place once every semester. Apart from that, we wish for our housemates to readily spend time with others, introduce their ideas and their personalities into the community and be open for a varied and slightly chaotic life together.