Hallo! Hola! Merhaba! Hello! Cześć! Salut! Hej! Salam! Grüezi! Shalom! Ciao! Bog! Silav! Szia! Konnichiwa! Nĭhăo! Salve! Oi! Allo! Kaixo! Hei! Giasou! Salli!

Who are we?

Pfleghof is a largely self-administered student dormitory under StuWe, located right in the historic city center of Tübingen. We perceive ourselves as a community where we value and respect each other. We see ourselves as a part of the many other housing projects in Tübingen. As a community, we strive to nurture the togetherness at Pfleghof in a supportive and creative way. Pfleghof is a place of exchange for plurality, creativity and openness. We put our ideals into practice by organizing different types of social events and by sharing our common resources. Here exists an open space where individual interests, hobbies and ideas can be realised and shared with others. People with different and varied perceptions on the universe live in Pfleghof, which creates a rich and cultured living environment. Fundamental to our community beliefs, we do not tolerate racism, sexism, or any other type of discrimination against oppressed and marginalized groups.

As part of our self-administred living arrangement, we select new flatmates through interview-style meetings. In addition, we hold a mandatory plenary meeting with all 36 flatmates that takes place at least once a semester. At this meeting we arrange community duties and elect flatmates to be responsible for various administrative roles, make plans for parties, plan our famous winterfeast, and other joined activities, as well as, discuss important topics regarding our community life.

We are a large, colourful, loud, and sometimes quiet household and we are looking for roommates who are excited to actively participate in our unique community!